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2020-2021 Advising Options

Academic advisors are working remotely for the foreseeable future.  In-person advising is not currently available in Garcia Center.


Appointments and “walk-ins” are available virtually through Microsoft Teams. Learn more about Virtual Appointments or chat with an advisor during our open hours, 8:00 am to 6:30 pm Monday through Thursday and 8:00 am to 5:00 pm on Friday.

NOTE: Book your appointment in advance. 

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How to Book an Appointment

How to Cancel an Appointment

How to use Microsoft Teams for your Virtual Appointment


Need help registering? Check our FAQs to see if your questions are answered there!

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Are you looking for an additional class to take this semester? Check out the classes below!*


*The courses are currently listed in the order they were received.




Urban Geography
Viewing a Wider World Online Synchronous Geography Team Based Learning Contemporary Topics
Learn More ►


Geography of Latin America
Viewing a Wider World Online Synchronous Geography Team Based Learning Contemporary Topics
Learn More ►


Insects, Humans, and the Environment
Viewing a Wider World Online Synchronous Entomology Contemporary Topics
Learn More ►

Are you a Crimson Scholar?

Virtually all honors courses satisfy your Gen Ed requirements! Follow the link below for more info!
Viewing a Wider World Honors
Learn More ►

ENVS 312 /
SOIL 500

Emergency Response to Hazardous Material Incidents
OSHA Certificate Online & In-Person 4 Days
Learn More ►

Minoring in Forensics Science?

There are five courses that can be applied to the Forensic Analysis minor offered this spring!
Viewing a Wider World GenEd Anthropology Forensics
Learn More ►

Looking for Human Biology classes?

Check out these classes for the Human Biology minor and allied Health fields offered this spring!
Viewing a Wider World GenEd Anthropology Health
Learn More ►

Interested in Native American Studies?

These 5 classes are geared towards your interests!
Viewing a Wider World GenEd Anthropology
Learn More ►

Searching for GenEd classes?

If you're looking for an Area III or IV, the Anthropology Department has courses for you!
GenEd Anthropology
Learn More ►

NEW Anthropology Classes!

The Anthropology Department has added new upper level classes this Spring!
New Classes Anthropology
Learn More ►

Exploring Majors?

The Anthropology Department has multiple options available to you.
Exploring Majors Exploring Minors Anthropology
Learn More ►

Is Sustainability on your mind?

NMSU has options when it comes to learning more about sustainability.
Viewing a Wider World Sustainability Anthropology
Learn More ►

Anthropology VWW Classes

If you're looking for VWW classes, check out the offering from the Department of Anthropology.
Viewing a Wider World Anthropology
Learn More ►

Considering a minor in Archaeology?

There are many classes offered this Spring.
Viewing a Wider World GenEd Archaeology Anthropology
Learn More ►