In an idyllic world, like time, grades would merely be a construct. 

But, an idyllic world this is not.


Your GPA matters.

You may have a GPA requirement to maintain eligibility for scholarships. It also might be a program requirement for your major. Perhaps you're considering graduate school... There's definitely a GPA requirement for graduation. 

Whatever your personal and academic goals may be, we've provided you with two calculators below to help you plan accordingly.


GPA Calculator

Calculate your semester and/or cumulative GPA based on your current grades.

Course (optional)  Grade  Credits 

Target GPA Calculator

Trying to achieve a certain Cumulative GPA? Find out what GPA you need to earn this semester or over the course of multiple upcoming semesters.


Repeat Calculator

Repeat Course Calculator

Step 1: Enter Your Current Cumulative GPA and Total GPA Hours

To see how your anticipated grades will affect your cumulative GPA, enter your current official NMSU cumulative GPA and the total amount of GPA hours. You can find this information through your My.NMSU account. 

Current GPA* Total GPA Hours*

Step 2: Input Your Anticipated Current Term Grades 

To find your current semester grade point average (GPA), enter the letter grades and credits to calculate an unofficial projection of your current and cumulative GPA. Make sure to toggle the check mark for all courses that you are repeating. 

Course Abbreviation
and Number
( ENGL 1110G)
Course Credit
Anticipated Course Grade Check the box if course is being repeat If repeated, input your most recently earned course grade

Step 3: Calculate

Select Calculate to see your projected cumulative GPA results or Reset to re-enter information.

Step 4: Projected GPA

Based on the information provided above, your...

Projected Semester GPA is: GPA Hours for this Semester are: Projected Cumulative GPA is: Total GPA Hours are: