Guide: Booking Appointments

You may have noticed that our booking system looks a little different. Use this guide as a reference to ensure that your advising appointment is flawlessly scheduled.

Booking an Appointment

STEP 1: 

Log in to using single sign-on (NMSU user name and password).

STEP 2: 

On the Home screen, click Make An Appointment.

Navigate Home Screen

STEP 3: 

Using the drop-down boxes, select which options best describe the reason for your visit.

Navigate Appointment 1

STEP 4: 

Select CAASS in-person appointment (preferred) or CAASS Phone appointment if you are a distance education student.

Navigate Appointment 2

STEP 5: 

Select which advisor you’d like to meet with. Your assigned advisor will appear as your FIRST option. Unless due to special circumstances, it is best to make your advising appointment with your assigned academic advisor.

Navigate Appointment 3

STEP 6: 

Select an appointment time.

Navigate Appointment 4

STEP 7: 

Confirm the details of your appointment, sign up for email and text reminders, and use the comment box to let us know any additional important information to help us prepare for your appointment. Make sure to click Confirm Appointment.

Navigate Appointment 5

STEP 8: 

Your appointment is not scheduled until you see the screen below.

Navigate Appointment 6

If you encounter any problems, please call 575-646-2941.