Virtual Appointments: Communication Options




Computer and Phone using Microsoft Teams

Connect with your Advisor using Teams.


Appointments are now available Virtually. Once you have booked an appointment, you have the option to download the Microsoft Teams App on your desktop, tablet, or phone.


Academic Advising appointments should take place via computer as it facilitates the use of screen sharing, file sharing, and quicker access to sharing links. 


Teams can also be useful for chat/messaging features and phone calls.


Accessing Teams.

You have free access Office 365 in myNMSU.

Log in to myNMSU and look under Launchpad to view your Office 365 apps.

Once Office 365 is open, look near the top of the screen to view your apps. If the Teams icon is not listed, select All apps. You have the option to use the web or desktop version.

Accessing Teams through Microsoft or an App Store.

If you have downloaded teams directly from Microsoft or an app store, be certain to log in using your email address. You may be redirected to the NMSU SSO (single-sign-on) page.


Virtual Appointments

Preferred option! Similar to a traditional advising appointment. You’ll need to be at a computer with audio and visual (if you want to video chat) to use this option.

Once you have Teams open, along the left sidebar, you'll see the Chat tab. This Chatbox allows you to chat, call, and video conference with your Academic Advisor. Additionally, you also have the ability to screen share and share files. With screen sharing, both you and your advisor can review your STAR Degree Audit or troubleshoot any problems you're encountering with the registration process. 

Your advisor will start the appointment by initiating the chat process at your designated appointment time. Once you have confirmed you are present and available to start the appointment, your advisor will initiate the video conference (or call, depending on whatever you previously agreed upon).

  • If you would like to activate your camera, select the camera icon on the incoming call box.
  • For audio-only, select the phone icon. 
  • Do not click the red phone icon. The red phone icon will hang up and send the call to voicemail. 

Incoming Call on Teams


Once the appointment has begun, ensure the correct icons are turned on on the control bar (see image below). Video, audio, and screen share will be your most frequently used. If a line is drawn through the icon, it means that process is disabled.  Click on the icon to make it active.

Teams Control Bar

Chat Messaging

Chat messaging is a good option for quick questions and can be utilized for things that you may have previously utilized our walk-in services.

To initiate a chat with your advisor, open Teams, and open the chatbox. In the "To" field, type in the full name of your academic advisor or their email address. 

If you don't know who your advisor is, use the Look Up Advisor tool on the Advising Staff page. Additionally, you can initiate the chat from this page by clicking on the chat icon attributed to your advisor in the directory below. 

Start the chat by entering a message in the bottom text bar. Advisors are available between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.

Phone & Audio

If you do not have access to a computer and have downloaded the Teams mobile app, you can also make and receive calls via Teams. 

If you are conducting your appointment as audio-only from your phone, have your Teams app open and ready to receive the call from your academic advisor at your designated appointment time. 

The first time you use the app, you may be prompted to adjust your phone settings.

You will need to set up an appointment as you normally would before using this feature.